Spatial Browsing Experience.

DIGITAL.THINGS is a transformation tool. The web today lives in 2D; we make it simple to transform any  website into  a spatial web experience.

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RapiFly offers a comprehensive range of powerful tools and resources designed to empower teams in achieving their goals with speed, efficiency, and unwavering consistency.

Create Custom Items
Create custom Digital Things in a few clicks
Pick and Choose
View your new Digital Thing in augmented and virtual reality
2D & 3D or Both
A Digital Thing can live in both 3D & 2D
Instantly Create & Embed
Once your done, publish and embed your content anywhere
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Publish once.
share everywhere.

Subject matter experts usr Rapi-code to create applications that expedite the development of plans and the implementation os solutions.

Online Retail
Create custom digital things in a few clicks
Landing Pages
View your new thing in augmented and virtual reality
Social Media
A digital thing can live in both 3D & 2D
Banners and ads
Embed your digital thing and  your website, ads or anything stand out
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Try  our demo below to grasp the power of our innovative technology



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Check it out  ❯
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